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At Affordable-RC.com we will give you top quality Radio Remote Control Planes and Helicopters. We are working very closely with our manufactures to insure our customers get top quality planes, helicopters, parts, batteries, receivers and more. We base our business on word of mouth and customer feedback and because we are a Internet RC store, we understand the importance of having great customer service. We treat every customer like you are our first, and will try our very best to fix any issue we have control over. We are not a huge RC store where we will lose orders, or not answer customers emails. We understand the fears of buying online from someone you can not see or let alone speak to without forgetting about your order 5 minutes later. Or putting your order on the slow boat over so you get your package a month later. Yes, we have heard the stories, and that is why at Affordable-RC.com our shipments are fast and accurate. Customer service is prompt and effective. Returns are easy, painless, and quick.

At Affordable-RC.com we want to make your hobbies the best experience possible. We love what we do and have crashed a number of planes and helis doing so. Here at Affordable-RC.com, our mission is to provide our customers with great service, great product, at a great price. Our main emphasis is on remote control planes and helicopters so we can cater to our particular customers. We just think it is easier this way to cater to our specific niche so everyone is on the same page. Wouldn't you agree? If you are buying a plane wouldn't you like to buy from someone who actually files the same planes you are buying? We just think this will make for better customer support and tech support as well. We also provide direct contact with our manufacturers if there is a situation that goes beyond us. Our manufacturers are also the best in what they do. All of our manufacturers are authorized RC Hobbies Dealers and have been doing this for longer than us. So don't worry, you will not be buying a plane that has been sitting next to an iron someone is selling. We deal with only Hobbie RC Manufactures so no situation is too big or small to handle here at Affordable-RC.com.

We take a lot of pride in our commitment to our customers. We are improving our operations daily to better service our Internet customers. We want to make every experience with us a great one. I mean this is what we do, create fun for all. We will go above and beyond by supplying how-to-build video's as well as how-to-fly RC plane videos as well as helicopter videos for most of our RCs. We just want to make it a no-brainer for you, as easy as possible, smooth flying here at Affordable-RC.com. And we do all of this for no additional cost. Like we said we love what we do. And we want you to love it, too. The last thing we want is to make it to hard for any of our customers. So if you have a question ask away, please ask more than one. If you want to speak with someone, our customer support is handeled by our quick and friendly response team.

Or you can email us at support@Affordable-RC.com.

Our Products
Our products are manufactured hobby-grade quality remote control planes and the best in RC helicopters. We carry the best in electric aircraft technology 4CH 2.4ghz radio systems, high-frequency speed controls, the best in high-powered brushless motors. Also with our interlocking modular airframe designs, we are bringing you the most modern remote control planes and Helicopters in today's toy market.

For Our Beginners
For our beginners, we have been there before. It isn't easy to do some things without some help. I mean who has a flight instructor who lives next door to him or her? I sure don't. Well, with that being said, to make it a little easier, for our novice RC plane or helicopter beginner, our planes are the best because:

You will have easy access to all electronic components. What this means is, in case of a crash, or a glitch due to wear and tear, everything is pretty easy to get to.

  • Open access design. This means most of our electronic components are made to fit different plane models.
  • All electronics come in separate pieces. There are no all-in-one cheap stuff used in our RC planes or helicopters.
  • We take the guess work out of the equation at Affordable-RC.com. All of our planes and helicopters come prewired. This means you do not have to be a hobby pro/electrician RC genius over night. Everything is prewired for our customers. Ready to for you from our manufacturers.

Quality Control

All of our products at Affordable-RC.com receive full quality control from all of the manufacturers of our merchandise. This means our manufacturers are great and will go to great lengths to stand behind the quality of their RC planes, helicopters, and parts. Ensuring that there authorized dealers provide customers with the utmost professionalism.

Shipping is one of our most important jobs here at Affordable-RC.com. We do not want to hold a plane for longer than we have to. We want to get you up in the air ASAP. So as soon as you make a payment we will ship. And if there is any problem whatsoever, we will contact you immediately. We usually ship 24-48 hours after payments have cleared. If you would like to pay with Money Order or cashiers check please contact customer service for quick mailing arrangements. For international shipping please contact customer service for mailing prices and details. Due to sizes in products some planes do not ship outside of the U.S. We have different shipping options for anyone who needs next-day delivery or bulk buying.

Thank you,